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saying goodbye

Wednesday, January 05, 2011
My parents are leaving tomorrow morning.
So, I took them outside and shot them.
I didn't want them to leave...
without capturing some more memories.

They are heading to California to spend a few weeks with my brother,
they're going to play grammy and papa to two sweet little girls,
one of whom is still in the womb but due to come out and play very soon.

They will be headed on their overseas teaching adventure at the beginning of February.
We're so excited for them and this new adventure!
But we're REALLY going to miss them!!!
If you're interested in knowing how you can help support them let me know...
but most of all, you can pray for them!!
God knows what they need...
so you can just pray that He provides what they need!

I also grabbed a few quick photos of the three kiddos...

Theresa said...

Hi Jamie. Great pics! I know you enjoyed that special time with your parents :)
I am grabbing your blog button to add to my blog.

km said...

I can only imagine how much you and the KIDS are going to miss their hugs and day-to-day interactions. It's so hard being away from family! BUt it sounds like God is taking them on a new and wonderful teaching adventure. They are going to touch so many lives. I will keep them in my prayres. and I LOVE the yellow in these sweet pics!

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