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happy birthday grammy

Thursday, January 20, 2011
Happy Birthday mom!!!
I hope you enjoy your birthday today,
being spoiled and spoiling those two sweet little girls.

Naomi made a little book for you.
I thought it might be helpful if I explained what the pictures were.
She had some good stories to go along with them.

This is you sitting on a chair blowing out the candles on your birthday cake.
Can you see it?

This is you, grammy, with Naomi holding Hannah on the right side,
and you are helping Micah put on his socks. (notice your extra long arm)

This one is AWESOME....but you may not see it right away.
The two people that you see faces of are me and Naomi,
then you are taking a picture of us.
Do you notice the back of your head kinda in the middle of the drawing.
I guess you're see through, but your head is not.
Clever right?

This is our family.
Greg is on the left, I am behind him,
then Naomi is in the front kneeling and wearing a "cover feet dress"
and Micah is on the right holding Hannah.

Okay, these drawings are not in your birthday book grammy
but I wanted to share them anyway.

This is our family, I am on the left, then Micah, and Hannah and
Greg is on the right. She told me that Hannah is older in this drawing,
and she's kneeling. I asked her why she wasn't in the picture
and she told me "I had to go potty"

Then I asked her to draw a picture of her and I holding hands.
This is what she drew. I'm going to be using this drawing for a little project.
Can't wait to get it started.

So grammy, I hope you have an amazing birthday.
Your cards aren't in the mail yet but hopefully will be before the week is over.
Your present will be coming soon and
I hope you get it before you leave the country!
We love you so much and celebrate YOU today!
God's richest blessings mom! LOVE you!!

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