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sweet dreams

Thursday, December 16, 2010

When Naomi and Micah were little we had them
sleep in a laundry basket next to our bed.
Then we found this beautiful, fun, rocking bassinet for Hannah.
She seems to love it!

I know I'm gonna get flack for pics of her sleeping on her tummy.
But don't worry we don't let her sleep on her tummy at night time.
Just for random naps once in a while,
and I keep the light on if she's on her tummy.

These were taken sometime in early November...
guess I've got a lot of catching up to do!
Katherine Grepke said...

No flack from me!!! I slept both my kids on their bellies from birth on. I'm pretty sure Mary slept Baby Jesus on his belly. I am enjoying your blog, and secretly wishing I was a blog type of person. We are anticipating the arrival of our #3 soon, and your pics of Hannah have me anxious to see this one's face. Have a blessed CHRISTmas!!

Theresa said...

Such cute pictures. I had a similar cradle next to my bed with my two. I would be half asleep rocking the thing :)

Linh C. said...

She's so SWEET! You're making me want a little baby around here.

Alison Agnew said...

Sweet babies....I just found your blog on Trendy Treehouse and came over to take a peek. Love it! As a fellow Christian, home schooler and mom I had to follow.



km said...

what a little precious SLEEPING BEAUTY!

Apron Senorita said...

To my fellow Texas Blogging Gal, I hope your Christmas is filled with joy, peace, and love.


Merry Christmas!
Yoli from New Braunfels
Apron Senorita

Dana said...

Both Emily and Michael slept so much better on their belly. I was also a bad mommy and I let them sleep that way most of the time. Once they rolled over - they slept that way on their own. The cradle is great - we had one for Emily and Micahel also.

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