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salted caramel brownie bites

Saturday, December 11, 2010
I'm great at blog surfing,
but not great at blog bookmarking.
The idea for these salted caramel brownie bites is not my own.
If it is your idea, please let me know so I can give you props!

I volunteered to bring 3 dozen cookies to church
for after our advent service this past week.
I was so excited to have a reason to make these
salted caramel brownie bites
(other than to just eat them all myself).

I posted on facebook that I snuck one of the
"salted caramel brownie bites"
and my comments went crazy with people asking for the recipe.

It's a really simple thing to make,
but tastes divine and looks very high class.

You really only need four things
(plus water, eggs and oil for the brownies)
1. Box brownie mix
2. Caramel filled chocolates (I used the new hershey kisses)
(the person whom I got the idea from used rolos
but she said they were a little too hard and chewy)
3. Melting chocolate
4. Sea salt

Bake the brownies according to the box directions.
A 9x13 pan should give you approx 3 dozen brownie bites
Bake the brownies till the early time on the box
thus making them really moist, gooey, mold able.
Let the brownies cool completely.

Cut the brownies into pieces but really you just need to be
able to get at the brownie so it doesn't matter what the pieces look like
or how many pieces you actually cut.

Then wrap a brownie (or stick pieces together) around a
caramel filled chocolate piece of candy. Roll it into a ball.
Put the brownie bites into the fridge to set for a while.

Then melt your melting chocolates according to the package directions.
Cover the brownie bites in the chocolate and set on waxed paper to cool.
Before the chocolate is completely cooled sprinkle with sea salt.
It would probably be better to use the big sea salt pieces
but I only had fine salt on hand so that's what I used.

After the chocolate hardened I used my spoon and just
drizzled some more chocolate over the top to give it a
really cool finished look...couldn't let the chocolate go to waste!
Put in the fridge to completely set up and you're done! I want some more...
Karen said...

These look and sound absolutely amazing! I am definitely going to have to make these! Thanks for sharing!


k said...

This is a super recipe. I made a cookie from saltines and chocolate for a Cookie Exchange this year, and won second prize. It was an easy recipe , but people LOVE the combination of saltiness and sweet. I think your brownie will give that same delicious combination.They look scrumptuous!! I'll be borrowing this recipe; I hope the originator doesn't mind :).
Merry Christmas.

KM said...

I can't even look at this recipe without gaining five pounds! WOW--- it looks so sinful and mouthwatering yummy! During the holidays I have to make baked good I don't like--- to avoid temptation--- so I won't be able to MAKE it, but I sure like LOOKING at it. :):) xoxoxoxoxo

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