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the mommy brand - review

Wednesday, December 01, 2010
When Naomi was a baby, wearing flowers, hats,
clips and the like was not THE thing to do like it is today.
I thought they looked silly.
I called them brain squeezers.

But I've changed my mind...
probably because they're all the rage now
and I like to jump on bandwagons sometimes
but these big flowers on little baby heads...
are CUTE!!

I was given my choice of sweet flower and ribbon clips for kiddos
from this great website called The Mommy Brand.
The Mommy Brand is trendy baby gear. handmade by moms.
I love moms. I am a mom. I support moms. You should too.
Go check out all the cute bows, clips, flowers
and other great items for your little one.
They have things for boys too!!!

But first check out my cute little ladies in the Christmas Flower!
They sent me a little lace headband to put the flower on for Hannah,
but it was still a little big for her head so I went out and found
a smaller headband for the CUTE...if I may say so myself!

Naomi is all about accessories and loves to wear things in her hair
(on most days) so it was fun to show her a new flower for her hair!
She loves it and when she puts it on she gets a huge smile on her face
and dances all around. I'd say that's a satisfied customer!

Greg, don't hate me for posting this...
but Micah wanted to be like his sisters...
at least I took the flower off the headband right?

The customer service that these mommies offer is great!
And shipping was SUPER fast too!
GO...check out their shop and cross someone else off your
"to buy for" Christmas list!

Disclosure: The Mommy Brand sent me this flower free of charge for me to review. I am also receiving a gift card to their store for a later purchase.
km said...

So PRECIOUS! I happen to love ANY cute or silly that can go on top of a head!!!! :):) I love your photos.

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