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trick or treat

Tuesday, November 02, 2010
Naomi wanted to be Snow White again for Halloween.
I wasn't going to argue!
Micah wanted to be Buzz Lightyear and we figured since Holly
was coming she could bring along Andrew's old Buzz costume,
but she was unable to find it, but she did find their Woody costume.
So, since she couldn't find it and since we're cheap,
we "talked" Micah into being Woody.

They got dressed up for Reformation Fest on Friday night.
My family was very kind in taking the big kids for me since I wasn't feeling well.
I grabbed a few photos of them before they left....
as you can tell, they were not in a photo taking mood.
I think Micah was still upset that he couldn't be Buzz.

Micah just wanted to wear his coat the whole time.
And Hannah was hungry, so here's a photo of REAL LIFE at our house!

My sister-in-law got a better photo of the kids!

Here's the kids while out Trick-or-treating!
They actually let me get a decent photo of them!

And here's the whole gang after some fun trick-or-treating!

And all the kiddos!

KM said...

SWEET little trick or treaters!!!!!!!!

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