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hannah's baptism

Monday, November 01, 2010
What an incredible weekend!
We were so blessed to have our family here.
Greg's mom, and two sisters (along with one of our nieces)
made the trip to come spend the weekend with us.
Not only just to spend time with us but to be here for
sweet little Hannah's baptism.

I am so grateful for their help as I've not been feeling well for about four days.
They read countless books to the big kids,
changed many more diapers than I'm sure they wanted to,
washed dishes, cleaned windows, and generally helped out wherever they could.
It was nice to have someone to color with the kids,
play playdoh, you name it, they did it.
The big kids loved the extra attention, and I loved the extra helping hands too!
I just wish I hadn't been feeling so icky...(and still do)
so I could've enjoyed everything a little bit more.

Hannah was baptized at the late service on Sunday.
We had a big Reformation Hymn Festival Service
and Greg's mom and sisters even sang for the services.
It was an incredible time for our sweet girl to be
welcomed into God's family.

Greg's oldest sister Dana, is one of Hannah's sponsors.
Her other sponsors could not make it down for the baptism.

Here's the whole gang.
Holly and Kiley, Dana, Greg, Micah, Hannah, me, Naomi and Faye.

I love that Greg gets to baptize our kids, makes it that much more memorable!

We brought cakes to church to share with our church family,
so they could celebrate Hannah's special day with us!
I love to have an excuse to order cakes from Costo.
They are delicious!

We had just a few people over for dinner after the baptism.
I love to cook for company so this was the perfect excuse.
I made these little pumpkin pies for dessert,
they were easy to make and tasted good.
I can't wait to make them for Thanksgiving!

We also took the kids trick-or-treating on Sunday night...
which I'll share photos from tomorrow.
It was a great weekend
and we were sad to see our family leave today.
We can't wait to see them all again sometime...
hopefully sooner than later!

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