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date the alphabet "d"

Monday, November 22, 2010
It's been a little crazy around here...
Greg and Naomi were supposed to have their
"D" Date on the 1st but since it didn't happen then
they were finally able to squeeze it in today.

Greg took Naomi to the Lutheran High School Basketball game.
She was able to help the cheerleaders...
and I'm sure she loved EVERY SECOND of it.
Greg took this photo on his phone

Then he took her out to dinner at Dairy Queen.

She eats slow and had to finish at home because
Greg got to go to an advanced showing of the new Chronicles of Narnia movie!

While Micah, Hannah and I were home we watched some Mickey Mouse,
ate some mac and cheese and stared at this beautiful face.
(took this with my phone)

Quick funny story. When Micah found out that daddy and Naomi
were leaving he was upset, got his shoes and insisted that he go too.

He was crying and crying and trying to go out the door with them.
I was in the living room feeding Hannah so I couldn't really get up
and stop Micah from I did what any logical person would do.
I found a DVR'd episode of Mickey Mouse and turned the volume up loud.

As soon as he heard it the tears stopped, he came running
with a smile on his face saying Mickey Mouse and was
a happy camper the rest of the night.
Mickey Mouse saves the day again.

My friend Rachael rightly says, "Mickey Mouse is like crack for two year old boys"
Seriously what is it about that mouse?

Tina said...

it's actually girls 3 year old nice loves mickey mouse clubhouse...she can quote complete episodes too.

Lucy, Murray and Ginny's Mom said...

We enjoyed some "crack" today so I could get them packed for the weekend away! While it's a fight, it is nice to have it for such occasions!

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