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our family/maternity photo session

Saturday, September 25, 2010
I love meeting new people.
Especially new photographer people!
Since I get to help judge the Shutter Love photos over
at Trendy Treehouse I get to see lots
of photos, and photographers.

I get to pour over awesome photography websites,
and find lots of new, awesome blogs.
One such blog caught my eye.
Her photos were clear, crisp, and gorgeous.
And then I noticed it...
right there in the side bar it said
Location: San Antonio.
(it's not there anymore, but I swear it was there).
I was excited.
I knew I wanted to get some family
and maternity photos done before baby arrived.

So, I contacted Tracey and we worked out a deal
and last Monday we met at the Japanese Tea Garden
for the family/maternity session.

The kids did great with the session and
yes Micah was "over it" before anyone else,
but can you blame the little dude?
Check out some of my favorites.

Tracey, you did a great job of capturing our family!
Thanks so much!
I CANNOT wait to return the favor and meet sweet little Ella!!!

Tracey blogged some more of the photos here and here.
Carrie said...

What a beautiful family! These are some great pictures.

Theresa said...

Such beautiful photos! Won't be long now until that little one will join in :)

Anonymous said...

These are great! Can't wait to see pictures of the little one.

KM said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family and what priceless memories. How INCREDIBLE that you have a friend to swap photo talent with... what a blessing. I like your glasses!

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