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what's goin on with the little lady?

Tuesday, August 31, 2010
I'm writing this post for me.
So feel free to skip it.
I need to document the stuff that is/was going on with Naomi...
and since this is also my "journal" of sorts,
I figured this was the best place to do it.

Naomi woke me up around 2:45am on July 31 telling me she puked.
She also had some "d" stuff in the morning.
Same thing happened on Sunday August 1st.
Tues and Wed - Aug 3-4 she just had "d"
Thurs - Aug 5 she vomited and we took her to the dr.
Sun - Aug 8 she vomited early in the am
Tues - Aug 10 took a stool sample to the dr.
All cultures from the sample came back negative.
Thurs - Aug 12 she vomited in the early am

We left for MO for the funeral on Saturday the 14th.
Sat - Aug 14 she vomited in the early am 3 times
Mon - Aug 16 she vomited at 10:30pm
Tues - Aug 17 she vomited at 7am and 7pm (after being asleep in the car)

Every time she vomited it was after being asleep.
Most often it would wake her up with no warning.
We took her off dairy and gave her a restricted diet after the Aug 5th dr. appt.
She started having a little bit of dairy again after the 10th.
We took her completely off dairy again on the 17th (per dr. orders)

She started taking Prevacid on Sun, Aug 15th.
Because they thought that she had/had acid reflux.
She has not vomited since the night of the 17th.

We took her to the GI dr. on Aug 30th.
He told us it could have been any number of things.
He told us to take her off the prevacid but keep her on a dairy free diet for 1-2 weeks.
If there is any vomiting between now and Sept 30th,
(when we have a follow up appt)
then we are to take her back to the GI dr and they will
put her under and do a scope or endoscopy.

We took her off the prevacid on Tuesday morning and will wait and see what happens.
During the whole ordeal she never acted sick.
She played great during the day and only complained of stomach pain
once or twice near the end of the vomiting cycle.
Its just all so bizarre.

Also during all of this Micah and I got sick for one day each at the begining of August.
And Micah was sick for two days on Aug 23rd and 24th.
So strange.
We're hoping for some answers but know it could just be,
"well, she's better now so we'll never know what it was".

Okay, I'll keep this updated so I can remember what happened.
I've heard so many different ideas as to what could be wrong with her...
lactose intolerance, celiac disease, acid reflux, an ulcer, you name it,
but if you have any other ideas lay them on me!
Theresa said...

Hoping it stays away and it was just a virus or something simple. Glad to hear she is doing better.

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