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guest post - Rebekah - the women in our lives

Friday, July 09, 2010
I would like to introduce you to Rebekah,
a crafty woman with a FUN blog full of
great ideas and great stories!
I'm so excited for you all to read her story!!!

Random Acts of Kindness by the Women in our Lives

by Rebekah at Potholes and Pantyhose

You may be overwhelmed with laundry, soccer games and PTA meetings. I want to encourage every mother out there about their invaluable impact on generations to come. YOU as a woman, mother or not, has a lasting affect on every life you touch.

This woman, my husband's Grandma, chose to be true to her husband and stuck it out even for 70 years until her husband passed away.

She raised her four boys to fear God, to be men of character and to love their wives with an unbending love.

Bicep’s father found a woman that is true, steadfast and kind. My mother-in-law raised her children to be considerate, righteous and patient. She is the most amazing mother-in-law a girl could hope for.

Because of her, I married the best man for me and have not once been disappointed in my decision. I love him with a crazy kind of love.

Thank you Connie-Mom!

Bicep’s sister is a tender and patient mother. She raised her son, my nephew, to be confident in his place in the world and to know that he is loved and valued.

I am praying for his wife even now. He deserves the best.

This entire family is a result of Bicep’s Grandma and her commitment to her marriage and her God. This family tells of strong and lasting marriages, well-adjusted children and a love that is unbreakable for each other.

My Grandmother is steadfast and consistent. She has been a member of the same church for over 50 years and raised her children to know God. She hasn’t ever met a stranger and is generous beyond belief. And she loves to party-that’s where I get it from!

Her son, my dad, set his standards high and found a woman to fit the bill-my mom. She raised us with tenderness, compassion and the stiff arm of the law. I always knew my boundaries and though I tried to stretch them, she wouldn’t have it. She kept me safe. Anytime I was tempted to drink, smoke or do naughty other things, I could hear her voice and feel her threatening gaze.

Thank you Mom for keeping me on the right path!

My oldest brother married this lady. She is the sweetest mother to her four boys-my four nephews. Her children will grow up knowing they are loved and that their parent’s marriage will last. Their wives will be lucky to have them and confident in their own marriages because of her.

My grandmother has impacted our entire family. Our bond as a family continues to grow. The generations after her are blessed because of her steadfast and generous spirit.

‘And her children will rise up and call her blessed...’

Thank you mothers that have stuck it out, dug in your heels, pulled yourselves up by the bootstraps and whipped us all into shape. We need you. There is nothing like the love of a mother and their everyday random acts of kindness.


Megs said...

Wow. Just what this mom needed to hear. Thank you!

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