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guest post - Heather - just a bottle of water

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
I can't wait for you to meet Heather.
I found her blog and can't stop reading it.
You won't be able to either...
She is full of life, love, compassion, grace and spunk!
Her story is heart warming and inspiring!
Here's Heather...

Hello Pure Joy readers!

I'm so honored to be participating in Jamie's RAK week.

I know first hand how important random acts of kindness are,
and the difference they can make in a person's life.
I lost my son Samuel in 2007 when he was just 6 weeks old and in the days
that followed I felt every ounce of kindness that was directed towards me.

Since that time I've felt eager for kindness to be first in my heart,
instead of my mind. I want it to be a way of life.
I want kindness to be the way God shines his light through me.

I'm working hard to make that happen and in the process
I'm finding out a lot about myself and my relationship with God.
One of the things I've realized is that I don't always obey.
I'm working hard to change that.

The other day while I was at Starbucks waiting for my
2 pump vanilla non-fat latte I noticed a man out of the corner of my eye.
He was quietly walking into the restroom when I realized
from his appearance that he was homeless.

I immediately heard Him speak to me.
"Don't look away. See him. Help him. Give him water."
Not surprisingly, I hesitated.
I quickly thought of 20 reasons not to.

And then I obeyed.
I walked to the counter and explained that I'd like to buy
the man that had just walked into the restroom a bottle of water.

"Wait. I'm sorry, did you mean that man?"

"Yep. The man that just walked into the bathroom."

After she got over her initial shock, her face seemed to
soften and she asked if I'd like to give it to him
or if I would like them to. I opted to let them.

Not because I didn't want to see him,
but because I realized this was an opportunity to let the kindness grow.
In that moment I realized that the more hands involved,
the more chances there were of kindness being spread to others.

I left Starbucks that day feeling like a
little kid that had made their parents proud.
Not because I bought a bottle of water for man,
but because I obeyed, and it felt so very good.
Mike Hamilton said...

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Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

thanks for including me in your series Jamie! have a happy day!!

Michelle Hughes said...

Heather is the sweetest and so inspiring! I am glad I followed her over here :)


Julie Johnson said...

Such a sweet story...thanks for the gentle reminder to listen more to His voice...I needed that today...

{cindy} said...

Love that story Heather. So many times I hear the voice and ignore it. I will be looking for ways to be "randomly kind" tomorrow.
Enjoy the night

Janna said...

What a great story Heather! I've had that happen to me before. I felt like it was God's voice too. I read a book about a wealthy white guy and a homeless black man who through what started as a circumstance like the one you mentioned were able to touch hundreds of lives and change a city. It's called Same Kind of Different as Me, and is non-fiction. I recommend it :)

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

...thanks for sharing that beautiful story. We can all look for those little things to do!

Shell said...

Love this! Love that you made a difference so simply, yet effectively :)

katherine marie said...

Such a beautiful story. IT's amazing to me how the littest acts of kindness can be so powerful. What an wonderful way to show God's love.

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