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guest post - AJ - coffee and a giveaway

Friday, July 16, 2010
AJ is another one of the awesome contributors at
The Trendy Treehouse!
But she also has a couple of other amazing blogs which you need to check out!
She's got a great post here today and an awesome giveaway too!
Simple Sweet Inspiration Blog Brew Review
Simple Sweet Inspiration

Hello! I am so thrilled to be able to participate in RAK! This is one
of those things in life I wish I was more intentional about, but I
guess that would take the "Random" out of it. I know Jamie
through Trendy Treehouse (we are both contributors there), but my
blogging home is Simple Sweet Inspiration.

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this website

One summer morning, not so long ago, I was having one of those
mornings. I ran out of coffee, so I was living sans caffeine, my
kids were moving as slow as molasses and I needed to get to the
grocery store and home before another appointment. Needless to
say, I wasn't in a pleasant mood. I determined that it was a
good day to spend $4 for a fancy coffee beverage to make me feel a
little better.

I hit my local Starbucks on the way to the grocery store. There
was a long line of cars, and in my de-caffeinated state, I had two
choices: 1. I could grumble and mumble my way through the line or 2. I
could turn up KLOVE (Christian radio) and sing with my kids and muster
up some friendliness for the poor Starbucks employee.

I chose the 2nd option and by the time I ordered my coffee, I was
almost cheerful. When I pulled forward to pay the small fortune
for my coffee, I discovered that the person in front of me had paid
for my coffee. At first I was floored, what would motivate
someone to do this? Before the Barista could shut the window I
quickly waved my hand at him. I then had the opportunity to pay
for the person's coffee behind me... just because. It started my
day off right. I felt happy and generous for the rest of the

It's amazing how little it takes to brighten your day.

Now for AJ's amazing giveaway!!!
AJ will be giving a $15 gift card to Starbucks,
with the hope that you will buy a stranger a drink
(you don't have to, but it will make your day better)

Awesome! So kind of her!!

To enter this giveaway which ends on July 23rd....
Leave a comment sharing your favorite way to surprise someone!
(mandatory entry)

Extra entries:
1)Follow Pure Joy (1 entry) through google friend connect.
2) Follow Simple Sweet Inspiration (1 entry) through google friend connect.
2)Go to Simple Sweet Inspiration and leave a comment, THEN
come back here and tell me where you left a comment. (1 entry)
3) Blog about this giveaway and leave me a link to your post (1 entry)
4) Put the Random Acts of Kindness Button on your blog
and let me know where it is (2 entry)

Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry.
Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win!

Spread kindness everyday!
April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

I love to just do something special out of the blue, when they least expect it. Something that I know they will enjoy, while also helping them out. I love calling my mom spur of the moment, and telling her not to cook dinner b/c I'm on my way & I'm bringing dinner! Sometimes it's just a breath of fresh air for people!

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

I follow through GFC!

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

I follow SSI

April @ PolkaDots n' PinkySwears said...

I commented on 'Tipsy Tuesday: The Top Ten Blog Tips For Newbies'.

Suburban prep said...

I will go to my sister's house and see if she is in need of someone to watch one of her three boys ( all under the age of 5) and I will take that child out for a day of fun.

msgb245 at gmail dot com

Mami2jcn said...

I surprise my husband by making him a special dinner and having it ready when he walks in the door from work.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

Mami2jcn said...

I follow Pure Joy on GFC.

mami2jcn at gmail dot com

eli said...

Sending cookies in the mail!

Keri Cleverly said...

Paying it forward.......that's a great way to honor the Lord!! I loved this little story so much that I read it to my kids! Even better than having your coffee paid for was the opportunity for you to pay for the guy behind you!!
A chain of blessings.

K-from CA

Keri Cleverly said...

Would you consider giving me permission to copy and paste your post: Random Acts of Kindness onto my blog as my "today's article?" I just love this little story. I will give your blog address, and credit well as link you. ( I would only use that single post)
I would appreciate the opportunity to help send this story on to other readers.

K-from CA

katherine marie said...

I worked at starbucks for YEARS and I would have loved to see folks buying drinks and treats for each other. I think it's a fantastic IDEA!!! :):)

The Bugala's said...

When checking out at the grocery store, I have been known to pay for some of the person behind me groceries.

The Bugala's said...

I also subscribe...but I bet you already knew that. :)

The Bugala's said...

I posted over at SSI on the Do you suppose the Laundry will fold itself?

The Bugala's said...

I'm a follower of SSI as well now. Thanks for introducing me to a new blog!

Missy said...

I love sending little cards or notes of encouragement in the mail to family and friends. It is so rare these days that we get anything besides bills and junk mail in the mailbox, that I hope by getting "real" mail will brighten their day.

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