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the end

Monday, June 22, 2009
Saturday marked the end of a long era...okay, it probably wasn't an era but (probably) four good years. My Kodak point and shoot camera that also takes all the videos you view on my blog bit the dust. It is dead. It was my fault. There is no one else to blame.

I was taking photos at the park like I normally do. I know most people play at the park but I take photos. come on. do you expect anything else from me. really? Anyway, Naomi was having fun trying out the slides and climbing and there was one slide in particular that she didn't want to go down. I asked if she would go down the slide with me and she said yes. So, I put the camera over one shoulder like I always do when I need it out of the way and put her on my lap and down we went. This was a really tricky slide that basically went STRAIGHT down at one point and it just wiggled us back and forth. Aparently my camera was not far enough on my back and too much on my side and the lens was out...duh...and it got totally messed up. I'm thinking there's not really anything we can do to fix it...

So, it may be a long time before you see any videos on this here blog (although I do have two to share this week that I took last week). I am currently saving any money to go towards a new computer...I don't think you understand how bad I need a new computer. This one is TOO slow! And then I'll need a new monitor and probably a desk to put the computer on. So, it may be a LONG time before I have enough money to buy a point and shoot camera that also takes video. I'm going to miss my little Kodak friend. She was very carefully selected and served me well. Taking me places that my giant camera could not go. Taking photos before the canon arrived on the scene. Helping me preserve many precious memories and helping me video those first few steps for both kids and the laughter...oh the memories. It makes me sad just knowing that video will be out for a while. man. I'm bummed. but I'm so glad I didn't have the 40D around my shoulder!!!

Here are some photos from the Kodak's last day in commission! Documenting our fun at the park. It's the end of something good. go grab a tissue. i know it's sad. i'm sad too.Micah is a little bit of a scaredy cat. He HATES the vacuum, doesn't even like to look at it. And aparently swinging is not on his list of "things I love to do"...which is strange because in May he was all about swinging. What a strange kid.But he loves to slide. And he usually only goes down the little slides...yup, he's scared of the big ones. But he only goes down the little slides face first. Go figure.
This is the last video my little Kodak ever took. Micah sliding, face first!The last photo my little Kodak ever took. Too bad his eyes aren't open!The End...of Kodak z710.

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