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another installment

Thursday, June 25, 2009
of kids say the darndest things...

We have a little swinging guy hanging from our rear view mirror in the car (thanks Lisa) and Naomi and I took the car on Monday to the museum. She asked what it was and when I told her this was the conversation that came about...

"can I swing on that swing?"
"No, honey, you're too big"
"well, when I get little I will swing on that swing"

Her newest phrase or word is: yesternight. As in, "I did that yesternight" Is this the same as "back in the day"? or "in the yesteryears"?

A week ago we went to Costco to get some groceries and we were going through the computer/electronic section first. They have a video camera connected to a TV so you can see yourself on TV...the kids thought this was awesome. We went to Costco again tonight for a quick diaper run. In the car on the way there Naomi says...

"They have red carts at Costco and Micah and I can ride in them together" to which she got really excited. Then she says, "Can we go by the computer where I can see myself on TV?" seriously this kid does NOT have my memory (or lack thereof).

I had some other stories but I can't remember them. I need to write them down.
And here are three random images. The first two are from our PALS gathering. This is Mikaela...she babysits our kids while we do the PALS stuff and then Connie is with Micah, she is Mikaela's mom...awesome people!!!! If Mikaela looks familiar, it might be because I did her senior photos!
This is a photo that I took when I was messing around with the different settings on my camera. I have more to show but want to do something with them first. It's nice to be able to just play and see what my camera can all do!

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