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gifts for the birthday boy

Saturday, April 04, 2009
Round two! Micah had a little more birthday cake on his birthday and again devoured it all. We then gave the kids a bath and let Micah open his presents. He really just wanted to climb on the boxes, which made it more difficult to actually open the presents but who cares right? :) We got the little dude a bubble mower! Grandma and grandpa got him some clothes and this really awesome baseball tee that also does soft toss and is a pitching machine. This toy is a hit, not so much with Micah but definetly with Greg and Naomi. I know that Micah will learn to love and appreciate this toy once he can walk and swing a bat. Aunt Dana and Uncle Doug sent Micah this really cool puzzle and a basketball hoop and balls for the bathtub! He loves the puzzle and really enjoys holding the basketballs during his baths. Thanks everyone for the gifts for Micah! We haven't decided what to do with the money he got yet, so it's going in his piggy bank for now!

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