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Sunday, March 22, 2009
The countdown has begun...last week!

We are counting down the days to three big things. I hope this helps Naomi learn the concept of time a little better and it also keeps her from thinking that she is going to Wisconsin today! We are counting down our time till Grandma T comes on March 27th! Then we are counting down the days till Easter!!! Then we are counting down the days till we fly to Wisconsin for two weeks. After I made and hung the chains Naomi said, "green is for Easter!" So, I think she gets it. But the hard thing is she doesn't really see the chains moving too quickly so I think she forgot about them! We're looking forward to Grandma's visit and Naomi is probably already thinking about how many books they're going to read together and if they can make pies in the sandbox...and do this and that.

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