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Friday, March 27, 2009
Okay, everyone needs to order a canvas...or a really large print of their favorite photo. It's addicting! We got Micah's canvas hung in his room! I LOVE it!
I haven't ordered anymore canvas' yet because I still cannot decide. So, I took some of the photos that I am considering and "put them on my wall" (please excuse the crummy photoshop job I did of the wall). I'm thinking that 10x20 may not be big enough...but I really don't have a specific place that I want to hang these, I don't know.
I got a great shot of Naomi the other day and now I'm considering that one for her room. Which one do you think...bubbles or fence? ahh...choices. Please weigh in and let me know what I should do, I have a really hard time making decisions because I want them all. Oh and I think I'm going to order one other wedding photo...just not sure which one yet. I'll keep you informed!

Mikaela said...

You know your daughter best and which picture captures her best but I really like the bubble picture.

Kari said...

I vote bubbles!

Unknown said...

when I saw the bubbles one I thought it would definitely be my first choice... until I scrolled down and saw the fence one! WOW! I love that she's looking at the camera and you can see her sweet face. beautiful pose and a great portrait of Naomi. My vote goes to the fence.

Chad said...

Bubbles...hands down. Something that can stay up there no matter her age...girls like that kind of thing...right??? :)

Hope you guys are well. We miss you.

tiapugh said...

i am going to be indecisive. the bubbles seem to show her personality. but the wall is soooo adorable.

i need to chat with you soon... andy is considering sem. WHOA. i just have no idea what to think about that just yet.

Casey said...

Okay, I didn't read any comments first because I didn't want other people's opinions to taint mine. I think bubbles says, "Little girl" and the fence shot is just gorgeous too, but looks a bit older. Do you want to capture her as little or more mature?

Tracey said...

Wow, this is a tough one. Both photos are great shots, but they both portray different elements. So, it depends on what you are looking for.
BUBBLES - the innocence of childhood.
FENCE - Just sweet little Naomi.
I think the Fence photo really pops off the wall. It almost has a 3-d feel to it.

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