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Tuesday, February 24, 2009
This post will fall under the t-m-i (too much information) category so feel free to skip it.

Potty training is hard. Not only are you training a small child to know "when to go" but you're also training an adult to know when they need to go. Naomi decided a couple of weeks ago to try out the potty. She did good for a couple of days, (staying dry most of the day) and then decided she didn't want to use the toilet anymore. For about two weeks she was sparatic at best and used the toilet only when we really showed interest in it too. I know that she can tell when she has to go to the bathroom, she's just too busy playing sometimes or just lazy. And sometimes, I'm just lazy and would rather just change her diaper than take her to the bathroom.
Seriously, it takes much more time and effort to actually take her to the bathroom than it does to just change her diaper. Here's the run-down. First we have to walk to the bathroom and stop and pick up a photobook or an antique camera on the way. Once we finally make it to the bathroom we have to drop the drawers and get her on the toilet. Then we usually here this, "go out and close the door, I need my pivacy (privacy)". So, we wait outside and pray to hear a little tinkle in the toilet. Is it weird that I get a huge smile and feel happy inside when I hear that noise? Sometimes things take a little longer and that is when I know code brown is going down. Not a problem, I usually run to the kitchen to clean something up while I'm waiting. Once she's done it's the whole wipping process, then, "can I flush the toidet (toilet)?" and, "let me wash my hands, all by myself". So the water runs and the soap overflows on her little hands and she enjoys splashing and making a mess. Once I turn the water off she gets the towel, dries her hands and wipes the counter (isn't she sweet to wipe the counter after she got it all wet?). Then she needs to turn off the light and shut the door before leaving. Do any of you moms out there have little ones that HAVE to shut the door all the time?

Side note: when Naomi wakes up from her nap we can usually tell because we can hear her shutting the door behind her. I think it's funny that she does that but maybe it's normal...I don't know.

Back to the potty training. We've read books and watched Elmo go potty and used pull-ups. But the pull-ups are too much like diapers so we went out and bought Naomi some big girl panties yesterday. She picked Elmo over princesses, and we got some generic ones too. So, today is the first day in "panties", which Naomi calls "onesies" most of the time. She did pretty good this morning for a couple of hours. Then she pooped in a pair. We went to the potty, nothing more was coming out. Ten minutes later she peed on the kitchen floor. We changed her and got her third pair of panties and second pair of pants. She spilled all her milk on the floor at lunch so I cleaned that up. Then asked her if she needed to go potty after lunch. She said no, then proceeded to pee on the kitchen floor again about five minutes later. Seriously kid! She did not like being cold and wet so maybe that will help with the process.

I have a pretty clean kitchen floor now though. I guess I can be grateful that she peed in the kitchen and not the living room. I think we'll be playing in the kitchen or outside for the next couple of days. So she got a pull-up since it was nap time and a new pair of pants. So, after the nap we'll be on pair number 4 of panties and pair 3 of pants. We'll see how the rest of the day and week go. I may need to go get more panties! ugh! I'm excited that we're well on our way to having only one child in diapers!
Holly said...

I feel for you Jamie. I know your pain. Andrew was so stubborn and finally is doing great, at least most of the time. Hang in there. It will happen eventually.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the potty training world! Some are easier to train than others! Prepare to do a lot of laundry and a lot of waiting outside the door! We have tried with Kenadie, but she doesn't show much interest. Like you, I would just rather change her than take the time to do the potty stuff! Really...diapers are soooo much easier. I don't like having all 5 loaded in the car and then hear the dreaded "I have to go potty" UGH.. Then we have to find a bathroom, take all 5 out, bring them all into the bathroom, and load them all back into the car. That is a 20 minute process! One less kid that doesn't have undies on is one less that tells me they have to go! They won't go to college in diapers, so no need to rush! Talk to you soon!

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