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Wednesday, February 04, 2009
Naomi and I did a Valentine's Day Craft to add a little love to our home. We're going to make more decorations today.

So, my fabric for the swap came excited. This is just the stuff she sent for the kiddos. What a kind and generous lady J is! She sent me way more than she was required to send! Thanks J!!! I did some scrapbooking yesterday. Edited: I re-did the pages so they look a little different now! I finally found my Photoshop Elements 2.0 CD and loaded that back on my computer....SO MUCH faster than elements 6. I was actually able to scrap 5 pages in less that two hours! Where with 6.0 it was taking me two hours to get half a page done. ugh!

Nap time will be more productive for me now. I will be able to do more things for clients and create more of my branding pieces and create more advertising things too. The only thing I think I will use PSE6 for is proofing my photos from sessions. I love being able to work faster and get more accomplished.

I seriously was stressed out about thinking of having to use 6 because it closed so often on me (before I had things saved) and it was just a time sucker! I'm so glad I found my 2.0. Does anyone else have Photoshop Elements 6.0? I'm wondering if it's just my computer or if the program is just that slow?

So, I joined the gym! I may be crazy but I had to do something. I signed up for a two year membership...aahhh! crazy! I've never done anything that consistent before but now I have to. Hopefully that's motivation enough. Anyway, they have a kid's club so I can take the kids there while I work out. It's the basics, just a place for them to play. They don't change diapers or allow food but I guess it's only an hour right? Okay, the point of the story is this. When I dropped the kids off this morning I went in and put Micah on the floor. When I came back fifty minutes later, he was sitting in the same spot. Not sure if he sat there the whole time or if he just came back to that spot right before I came back. I asked Naomi if Micah just sat there or if he moved around and she said he moved around. Not sure if she understands completely or if she does get it, so I guess I'll never know!

One more thing...this is for you Susan! Just wanted to share something that I put together for Susan with some of Meagan's senior portraits. I love how these turned out and hope they like them too. It's up to them whether they want to go this route with printing up a storyboard or just get individual prints framed. I really like making storyboards and would love to create them for lots of my clients (and you if you need one). The first one is a 10x20 and the second one is a 16x20. Let me know what you think Susan!

Rachel Hill said...

I just joined a gym this weekend too! Because Matt is going to coach track and I'm worried about him getting home late and me not being able to work out. Plus I don't know how much longer my pregnant self will be able to push the running stroller too!

There is a photographer in St. Louis whose blog I read some and she's had Valentine's crafts lately on there:

Elisa said...

That's cool you did the fabric scrap swap - I did one on her blog awhile back too and it was fun. I like your new Valentines banner.

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