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30 things...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
In honor of my sweet husband turning 30, I would like for you all to know
30 things that I love about Greg...
1. His love for Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior
2. That he loves me for me and doesn't expect me to change, (not that he doesn't want me to sometimes but at least he doesn't expect it)
3. His special bond with Naomi
4. His love for little Micah (and their bond is growing and growing as Micah gets bigger)
5. That he's left handed just like me
6. That he's a "professional driver" and reminds me of it when we're in the car
7. That he loves his congregation so much
8. That he's transparent and you almost always know what he's thinking
9. That he loves to communicate, more than any male I've ever met
10. That he has special songs for the kids that he made up
11. Listening to him teach Naomi about Jesus is priceless
12. He's very faithful and devoted, not just to me but to anyone that he gives his word to
13. That he's creative
14. That we can laugh together and be silly
15. That he trys new things and encourages me to try new things
16. That he doesn't give up
17. That he loves serving in different ways other than just in his specific church
18. That he loves to get down on the floor and wrestle with the kids and just have a great time playing with them
19. That he's a great son, son-in-law, brother, uncle...all those things
20. That he's musically inclined
21. That he's athletic (the best of both worlds...a creative jock!!!)
22. That he's way more spontaneous than I am
23. That he LOVES to cuddle
24. That he's great at picking out an outfit and I never have to worry if his clothes match when he leaves the house
25. That he's passionate about many things and isn't afraid to share that passion with others
26. That he has hobbies and pursues them and that he allows me to pursue my hobbies
27. That he is so encouraging of me and my photography business (I don't think I'd have the business if it wasn't for his encouragement)
28. That he's VERY handsome!!
29. That he has a heart for people
30. That he's not afraid to pitch in around the house and with the kids even after working all day at churchObviously this is not an exhaustive list at all. There are MANY more things that I love about this man!

Greg, I pray that your birthday is a great day. I praise God for giving you life and seeing it fit to give you to me. I am thankful for the man of God, husband, father, and Pastor that you are. You are amazing and I want you to know how much I treasure you. I love you! Happy 30th Birthday Old Man!!!

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