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Thursday, January 22, 2009
I feel like the presentation of my final photographs to my clients is almost as important as the photographs themselves. If I were to leave the photographs in the envelopes that they came in from WHCC that might be okay, but if I take the time to wrap things in tissue and put photos in seperate baggies then I am showing the client how important I feel these images are. I care about photographs and I want them to care for them also.
I have been looking online and in stores for the right packaging materials and while I don't think I've found my final packaging I did find something that works for me for now. I got little white gift bags and white tissue paper, I printed a label for the bag and then tied the bag closed with some red ribbon. The last few sessions I had I also had some MOO cards for (see post below) so I was able to attach one of those to the bag as well for an extra punch of personality. This has worked so far because the clients have not ordered to many big prints. I did have to deliver some 8x10s the other day that didn't fit into the white bag but I have a HUGE box full of Rigimailers from a teacher at the Lutheran High School who couldn't use them so I have put the 8x10s in there for now. I guess I'll have to keep looking for my permanent packaging solution but for now this works great!
The wallets that I ordered from WHCC for Meagan and Mikaela turned out great too. I'm so glad to be able to offer these different print options. Pretty soon I'll be ordering my first canvas's for my mom so I guess it doesn't REALLY count, but I can't wait to see how the canvas' look!
Mikaela said...

Great job on the presentation! I love the look!

Casey said...

Very nice packaging! I love the colors and if I received pictures in a bag like this, I would think they were very professional and well-done!

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