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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Warning: Potty talk involved in this post, read with caution.

We've hit a new milestone in our home. We've been talking to Naomi for quite a while about being a big girl and using the potty. She got a potty book and Elmo potty DVD for Christmas. We haven't been pressuring her but just talking lots about it. Two days ago I decided that maybe she needed some incentive. So, I told her that if she went potty like a big girl in the toilet that she could have a special sticker. That's all she talked about yesterday but didn't act on it at all. Today, I watched Joshua for a little bit and when Amy came to pick him up she talked to Naomi about using the potty too (without any prompting from me). Then Naomi took her nap and when she woke up we snuggled for a bit and then she told me she wanted a special sticker so she was ready to use the potty. I took her in there thinking she was just saying that so she could get a sticker but she surprised me and actually went to the bathroom.

About 30 mintues after that she told me she needed to go again and she did so she got another sticker. After dinner she was telling me that she wanted another sticker...and that she had to go potty. So, I took her in there and she asked me to give her some "pivacy" and "close the door". So I did, when I asked if she was okay she just told me, "I not done", so I gave her more pivacy. It took her a while to finish so I figured either she didn't really have to go or it was a big one. She actually used the potty for number 2! How exciting. I hope this continues but if it doesn't it's not the end of the world, at least she knows what it feels like now.

I know that I'm the crazy camera lady but I did NOT take a picture of Naomi's first poop. That's just gross and what would I do with it anyway. It's bad enough that I'm blogging about it. But I just wanted it to be on record so that we know in the future how old she was when she started using the potty. That's our milestone for the day.
Unknown said...

Woo-hoo!! Way to go Naomi! Potty time is party time. How exciting!

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