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Thursday, January 22, 2009
I'm not sure if I ever shared about the Moo cards that I ordered. I ordered these to use as business cards along with my regular business cards and I also wanted to see what they were like to see if I wanted to offer them to my clients. And, I do! They are awesome. They're made of sturdy paper and about the size of a piece of gum. I was able to put all my information on the back and just love to hand them out. The awesome thing about these cards is they come in packs of 100 for $20, but that's not the best part, you can use 100 different photos if you want to. I didn't use 100 different photos because I wanted to have a few of each to give out and to save for myself. The only bummer is the come from the UK so they take a little while to get here.

I've decided to offer these for my clients with their info on back (then they'd get 100) or I'll just order some with my info on the back after their session. I did that for my last four sessions and used it as a "thank you". They are great. You should order some. Scroll to the bottom of this post to see how you can get 20% off your first order!!! I'm all about saving money! Clockwise: Baby Micah, Baby Earon, Naomi's feet in Greg's hands, Andrew and DaisyClockwise, The M family, The B family, The W family, The H familyLeft to right on top: Peyton, Trey, Sophia and Jake, Bottom: Trey, Sophia, Grant and Jake

Shadow: Steve and Kari. Boat: Clif and Julie. Glasses: Seth and KateSenior Photos: MeaganClockwise: Eric and Rachel, Clif and Julie, Seth and Kate, Candace

If you have never bought from MOO before, you can use this code:VXXBQP to get 20% off any 1 MOO product.

This code is unique to me, so MOO will know if any of you have taken me up on the offer. If you buy something I'll get a FREE FLICKR Pro account as a thank you from MOO ! (and I could really benefit from that)

So if you're in the mood for something fun check them out and at the checkout enter this code and we'll both win! Even if you don't think you'll buy anything go check out what they have to offer...LOTS of fun stuff, (I ordered some stickers too, so much fun!) Oh, and you have to order before Jan 31st!! and could you let me know if you use the code?! Thanks!

Rachel Hill said...

Shucks...I just ordered Moo business cards last week! The full size business cards are really cool looking too! I just got them in the mail yesterday. How did you get the 20% off code? I don't think I had that with the flickr thing...

Jamie said...

They just sent me an email today about this promotion! Yay! Last time I ordered I got a free MOO card holder because I had ordered before. So, Rachel, now that you've ordered something maybe you'll get more offers.

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