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fun outside

Saturday, December 27, 2008
The weather has been awesome the last few days. We've gone on walks, played outside, had the windows open, it's been great! I think Naomi has been having extra fun playing outside since we haven't "braved the elements" for a while. Ha! It's not too cold, I'm just lazy! I know, I know they should play outside everyday, but it's hard because Micah can't walk and he just wants to eat the leaves if I put him on the ground. So, I got smart and brought his exersaucer outside. But the only problem is, he doesn't last as long in there as Naomi would like to play outside. It was easier when he was taking good morning naps. But right now, he's just into playing all morning and sleeping when Naomi does...which is fine with me! Anyway, here are some shots I got of the kids while playing outside on Friday.
Naomi has been using her imagination more and more lately and it's so cool to watch her play. Throughout the day she will serenade her babies, myself and Micah with many different songs. Her repetoir (I have NO clue how to spell that) includes (these are her titles): Jesus Loves Me this I know, The A,B,C,D,E song, Tinkle Tinkle Yittle star, Cack cack song (Old McDonald), Sider song (Itsy bitsy spider), and most recently Jesus Manger (away in a manger). She also gets dressed up, grabs a purse and says, "bye bye mommy, see ya yater, I go meeting" It's fun to watch her imagination grow and I can't wait to play pretend more often with her as she finally is understanding what that is!

Today while we were playing outside Naomi kept pretending that she was going on an airplane. I asked her where she was going and she told me, "Indiana". I thought wow, that's cool she remembers that grandma and grandpa live in Indiana. Then I asked her who she was going to see in Indiana and she told me, "Jenny". Yes, Jenny did go to Indiana to see her family for a week and obviously Naomi remembers that. I did tell her though that while she's in Indiana she better stop by and visit grandma and grandpa and her aunts and uncles or they would be upset. She agreed.
Imagine my surprise when I saw this out my back door on Friday. Really, on the day after Christmas! And it got a little warmer after I took the photo.
Seriously we have one happy little dude!

Probably my new favorite shot of Micah...I need to lighten it up a bit in photoshop though.I love this one of Naomi too...not sure what it is about the photo but I just love it!Ahh, a two year old contemplating life.I hope to get some time tomorrow to post about the gifts I made for my niece and nephews in the T family (since they opened them today) but only if I get all my packing done. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow, if not then maybe from Cali!

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