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micah at 2 months

Tuesday, June 03, 2008
Height: 24 inches (75%)
Weight: 13lbs 6oz (90%)
Head: 40.2 cm (90%)
The Harvalas said...

wow! you've got yourselves a big boy.. we just had Miriam's 4 mo. visit and he's just a tad bigger than her in length and weight.. as for the head measurement, I either misheard the nurse, she measured wrong or Micah has a big head (sorry).

Jamie said...

The nurse wrote the measurment down for his head and I couldn't really read it...that is what I desiphered so it could be wrong...I have no clue!

Jana said...

Oh my, hard to believe your little man is growing up so quickly! He looks just like his big sissy, that's for sure.

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