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weekend fun

Monday, May 26, 2008
This looks like a fun book. If only I had more time to sew and make fun stuff for the kiddos. But I do plan on making something for the kiddos room with my sewing machine...curtains! Fun! I bought bright orange fabric and blackout fabric at Jo-Anns on Friday night and I am excited about making curtains for their room. I am hoping that by making it a little darker during nap time Naomi will sleep for more than an hour. Now, if only that curtain would also keep the dog barking noise out of their room.

So, yes, Friday night I got out of the house and didn't have a diaper bag with me. Did I forget the bag and hope the kids wouldn't poop (sorry)? Nope, I was out on my own. I went to Jo-Anns, browsed for a bit and then found my fabric. I then went to my friend Jenny's house where Kari was also. We had a "girls night" and played games with the Spurs loosing in the background and had some great food and fellowship. It was nice to get out and have an adult, female conversation. We played three games and I hate to say that I won all three. Jenny and Kari were ready to exclude me from any further girls nights unless I told them I would lose next time. I'll try, sorry! So, we played Dutch Blitz (which is a lot like Nertz if you've ever played that), we played Set (which Kari brought and it's a really cool game) and we played Mexican Train. It was a great night and I didn't have to change any diapers from 5pm until 2am. Ahhh! I hope to be able to have another girls night sometime before Micah is walking...ha ha!

Saturday, Greg left early for a breakfast meeting so the kids and I went to Target to get a few things and to get out of the house. It's always interesting to take them both places where I may need the cart. So, I put Micah in the sling and Naomi enjoyed the cart like always. Then Saturday afternoon we went to church for the youth mission trip fundraiser dinner. The dinner was delicious and the entertainment afterwards was great and funny. After we got home around 6pm Jordan and his parents stopped over for a couple of hours. It was great to see thme and to hang out for a bit.

Sunday, Naomi woke up around 7:30, which is early for her and since Micah was already up we decided to head to early church. We were a bit late but what do you expect. My timing is just not what is used to be. But don't ask Greg because he'll tell you that I've always been late! Anyway, after church and Bible class we came home and played for a bit before lunch and naps. Greg preached on Sunday so he had to go back for the Sunday night service. We had a PALS meeting that night so Pastor and Connie came to pick Micah and I up and lead Crystal over to our house to watch Naomi. Crystal teaches 2nd grade at Shepherd of the Hills. It was so good to meet her and I hope we'll get to hang out some time. Anyway, we got to Mt. Calvary at little late and Micah needed to eat so I didn't go to church. Some of the other Pastors from our PALS group were there and were able to hear Greg preach. After church we just sat around and talked and it was great to reconnect.

Today, we got up and over to Crown of Life for breakfast at 9:30am. Then we had a Bible study and a time for the ladies to just socialize. It was very nice to have that time to talk to other Pastor's wives and learn from them as well. Mikaela watched Naomi in the churches nursery and even took her outside for a bit (wore her out!) We went out for lunch at a place that some members from their church own and it was awesome. Like a Subway version of Chinese food if that makes any sense! Then 4 Pastors and Sandy went golfing and Greg said they had a great time. Naomi took a great nap and even went to bed at 8pm like she always does. It was great to see Bob and Sandy and Tom and Rob and the other Pastors that are part of our PALS group. This picture is for Liam! Naomi wanted to show you that she had fun with your grandparents!

How was your LONG weekend? Did you do anything fun?
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