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thanks, a hundred times thanks

Monday, April 28, 2008
I just want to say thanks to our family for coming this weekend for the greatest day of Micah's life. It was so good to have everyone here! It means so much to us that you all made the trip. We can't thank you enough for spending money to fly here and for taking the time to be with us. We're excited that Holly, Gene and the boys get to spend the week with us on their vacation and can't wait to show them the sights. We made three trips to the airport this weekend and wish we didn't have to make the last one but my family had to go home and back to work. Thanks again for coming and being here for this awesome occasion. We are excited to see grandma and grandpa T this weekend. I have many more pictures and stories from this weekend but don't feel like posting them all right now. THANK YOU!!! We love you!

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