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sleepy head

Wednesday, April 09, 2008
Micah is a professional sleeper. We've only seen his eyes a handful of times...well, a little bit more today than before. He slept for five hours straight at one point last night and that was SO nice! It's hard to remember getting up with an infant since Naomi started sleeping through the night so early. I love the time with him though in the middle of the night, so calm and subdued and just Micah and mom! It's great bonding time. Just wanted to share a picture of him without all the clothes too so you could see how little this guy really is. We went to the dr. on Monday and he weighed 7lbs 3oz. She said that he's doing good though and we'll go back on the 16th for his first shots.

Speaking of shots, Naomi goes tomorrow for her 18 month well baby check up. I'm not particularly looking forward to that but we've gotta do it. At least my mom is still here to help me out with it all. I'm interested to see how tall she is and what she weighs. All of a sudden she seems to weigh so much more...but I think it's just the contrast between her and 7lb Micah!
He DOES have eyes!
Naomi loves her baby...I'll explain the calendar later...
The Harvalas said...

When Joshua came to visit us in the hospital the day after Miriam was born I remember how he too was suddenly SO much bigger! ...Enjoy your warm weather for us, especially with a newborn, after having weather nice enough to not need a jacket only 5 days ago everything is all white AGAIN. Ughh Instead of April rain showers we had april Snow showers!

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