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Friday, March 28, 2008
Thursday morning we took Naomi to the zoo. The weather was great, it was a little crowded but nothing we couldn't handle. Naomi loved looking at the animals and making the noises that they make. We went into the "Fun Farm" and let Naomi pet the goats. At first she was just interested in all the "babies" in there but after a little bit of coaxing she actually pet the goats and chased after them to pet them. It was cute! The goats liked her too and tried to eat her shirt and shorts, she didn't really like that idea. We also road the train around the park. It was a good day at the zoo.
After the zoo we headed home for Naomi's nap and some cleaning. Thanks mom for ironing and sewing on buttons and stuff! Aunt Gloria and Uncle Bruce got back around 4pm, we had dinner, played some wheel of fortune, and another round of Phase 10. It was so great to have them all here and we're sad they had to go home. My mom will be back when the baby comes though.

And she's done...
Jana said...

There's that red door.....I love it!!

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