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post office

Thursday, March 13, 2008
So, I went to the post office today. Yipee, not a big deal right? Well, no, it wasn't a big deal. I don't know why I hate the post office so much. The people are always friendly...okay 90% of the time they are friendly. The lines are not normally unbearable, and if I take Naomi people want to talk to her so that keeps her occupied. So why do I hate the post office so much? I honestly can't tell you. I need to get myself a post office scale and just send them all from home.

So anyway, I went to the post office today to finally mail the rest of my Christmas presents and a few other things that needed to be sent and couldn't just be put in my mailbox. I had four things in big manila envelopes and then I had to buy four padded envelopes so in total I had eight things to mail. The guy at the counter asked what I sold...assuming that this was my inventory. I told him that half of them were just really late Christmas presents and some were just some other things to send to family and friends who live up north. He was like "You mean, Happy Easter?" Yes, I guess so! Happy Easter...or Birthday... or Christmas next year. My bad. I hate the post office.

I did finally get the rest of the Christmas presents to our godsons two weeks ago so I can finally post pictures of what I made for my niece, nephews and godsons. Amy saw these really cute pillows on Etsy made of a really great chenille fabric with names embroidered on them. The person was selling them for like $50. We thought we could make them just as cute and not as expensive. So Amy has an embroidery machine and when she was on vacation...last October...she let me borrow the machine and I went crazy! I stitched so many names it was amazing! I had a great time with that machine and could have kept going. I made pillows for Emily and all her dolls (Emily, I didn't mail the other one...I'll have Aunt Holly bring it back to you for me if that's okay), one for Michael, Andrew, Noah and our godsons Jeremiah and Asher. Then after I had to return the machine I sewed the back on the pillows and stuffed them with pre-made pillows from Michaels. I also made little "teacher" type bags for my mom and mom-in-law with their names on them (I would mail them but will be seeing them soon so I'm not gonna, HA!). I also made Naomi a pillow and two other little ones for Maddie and Emma. Like I said, I was on a roll. I made two other names but can't tell who for since I didn't give them away yet. Anyway, here are some pictures so you can get the general idea of what the kids got for Christmas this year. It was a fun project and I plan on stealing Amy's machine again sometime to make more presents...what's your name?
Oh and I found the super soft fabric for the front at Jo-Ann's when they were having a half price sale, I used it just for the front instead of the whole pillow so I could save the fabric to make more things...the quarter fats are cheaper than the chenille fabric anyway...and gotta love the patterns!

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