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story time

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Naomi LOVES books. She is getting much better about sitting through WHOLE stories and not just the first three pages. Her favorite book of the moment seems to be Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss. One thing that I find really neat (maybe I'm just crazy) is that she knows (and has for at least a month) when the book is upside down. She can tell if the pictures are not the right way. When she was a little smaller we'd catch her "reading" books upside down a lot. But she does a good job of turning them around now and like I said, has for a while now. Anyway, she has recently discovered reading the books to herself. Mostly because after I read Hop on Pop too many times I ask her to read the book to me. She's really into these little board books that she got for her birthday and loves to have them read to her a lot. She also loves her little travel highchair and will sit in that chair and read books to herself. So the other day she was really into this book and reading it like crazy so I thought I'd try to get it on video. Of course she stopped reading when I hit record but I got her to read a little bit of enjoy, Naomi reading you a story!

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