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happy valentine's day

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Another Hallmark holiday...well, maybe it's a little more than that, but I don't really know the story of St. Valentine. At any rate, it's a great excuse to take cute pictures of Naomi and make a little card. Rachel took the picture on the left while we were in CO and I took the one on the right. I told you we painted the other day and now you can see what we did. Naomi made a handprint heart. She seemed to like the paint on her hands and kept closing her hands to feel the cold mushy feeling on her fingers. She's a good sport. Now, I just need to paint with her more often. Anyway, here's a little card for y'all. Happy Valentine's Day!
Rachel Hill said...

very cute! i was going to do the same thing with paint with xavier's hands, but didn't get it done...maybe next year. what kind of paint did you use?

Mikaela said...

Happy Valentine's Day to the Truwe fam! We send our love and hugs!

Kari said...

Too cute!! Have a great day!

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