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eww groooossss

Tuesday, February 05, 2008
Last night around 1am I was awakened by a tickling on my arm. I figured it was Greg...I was wrong. I looked over and he wasn't very close to me, not close enough to tickle my arm anyway. Low and behold there was a cockroach in my bed crawling down the middle of the bed right between Greg and I. Of course I freaked out, but I didn't scream. Just woke Greg up and told him to take care of it. Ugh! That's so gross. That freaks me out. Ugh! Just thinking about it makes me not want to go to bed tonight. So I tried to fall back asleep and just kept telling myself that it's just a bug...but man, it's more than "just a bug". Then my mind started racing about lots of different things and I had songs running through my head, and I was hungry. So I got up, had some cheerios, checked my email and then slept on the couch for a little bit. I don't know where the bugger came from but I hope that his family isn't there waiting for me to fall asleep tonight. I think I'll call the pest guys tomorrow! It's been warm here again and I think they're all coming out of hiding.

Tonight after dinner as I was finishing the dishes I saw one crawl into the sink where the dishes were drying. Ugh! Where do they come from? That's my big thing. It would be one thing to see them by a door and be able to tell where they came in but when you see them in the middle of a room for the first time it's really hard to know how they got there. That's what gets me, they are sneaky little buggers. Okay, I'll stop talking about roaches now because it's starting to gross me out! Please say a prayer for us tonight that the roaches STAY OUT OF OUR BED!
Dana said...

We had problems with roaches in Fort Smith. They are gross! Keep boric acid powder around to sprinkle around when you see them. They hate it ( and so do ants if you have troubles with them). Hopefully the bug guys can help you :)

Kari said...

It's Texas...they are big and are here no can get the house sprayed or get the little roach house things that have yummy posion for them. I feel your pain...found one in our cupboards before Christmas--I HATE washing dishes!

Anonymous said...

We've been visited on about four occasions in five years here in TN. I'm thankful that they have never checked out our bed that I'm aware of. Near as we can tell they probably come in through the drains. We seem to have more of a problem when it's been very dry out. Timm sprays the interior and exterior of our house with stuff from home depot every 3 months or more. It's really taken care of the spider population we have here (including brown recluse spiders) and a couple of the roaches I've come across were already dead. I hate crunching the big ones. Ewwww!

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