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busy weekend

Sunday, February 17, 2008
We had a fun but busy weekend. Friday night we just laid low and hung out at home. Saturday we all slept in and then had some things to get done. I had to pick up a lens that I was renting and buy film and a birthday present. Greg had to run to church for a bit and then make some hospital visits. Then we had a little bit of time together before we went our separate ways.

Greg and Naomi went to Sophia's 2nd birthday party and I went to shoot a wedding. Yes, I got to photograph a wedding. I haven't had a wedding since Seth and Kate's in June so it was SO GOOD to get out and shoot again. Due to some circumstances however, I will not be able to share any of those pictures till April. So bear with me and just remind me to share them later. Greg and Naomi had fun at the birthday party and apparently Naomi made a new friend. She met Nate. Sorry Liam and Asher it seems that Naomi has a new man in her least for the moment. She and Nate seemed pretty serious and even sealed the deal with a kiss. Thanks for taking some pictures Amy, can't believe I missed her first kiss! Naomi had a great time playing with all of Sophia's "baby" dolls.Everything looks so innocent...And then he goes in for the kill, I mean, kiss!

Today, I got to do another shoot. Two in one weekend, I'm on a roll. It was a senior portrait session for Megan, (her mom is one of the churches secretaries). We had a great time going downtown and found the "permission wall" which is a wall where graffiti artists can get permission to "tag" and it's awesome work. Some really talented people. Since I'm still shooting film you'll have to wait till late Monday or Tuesday to see some of those shots but I promise to share as soon as I am able. It was a great weekend and it just felt really good to get out there and shoot again! Hope you had a good weekend too!

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