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babies r us

Wednesday, June 21, 2006
About three to four years ago Greg and I attended 13 weddings in one summer. It seemed like it was the thing to do. The summer after the number dropped to 8 but still seemed like a lot. These days we usually go to two - three weddings per year.

Now the thing to do is have a baby. Have I mentioned how many people I know who are going to or have already had babies this year? Well, the number is high. Here we go, count with me.

Luke and Mikaela - Traeger Jace on May 27th (1st)
Ahmani and Cara - Ala Grace on June 6th (1st)
Chad and Erin - Emma Grace on July 9th (2nd)
Mark and Angie - Alyssa Jean on July 20th (1st)
Tom and Tami - Jeremiah Matthew and Grace Anne on August 10th (3rd and 4th)
Eric and Heather - Kathryn Marie on August 11th (1st)
Nathan and Katherine - Nora Katherine on August 19th (1st)
Scott and Kathy - Luke Arthur on August 26th (1st)
Keith and Heather - due in August (1st)
Chris and Heather - Danika Rae on September 2nd (1st)
Cory and Kristin - Liam Kitson on September 18th (1st)
Matt and Daria - due in September (1st)
Greg and Jamie - Naomi Lynn on October 1st(1st, girl)
Kyle and Heather - Alana? on September 20th(2nd, girl)
Dan and Susan - Kenadie Faith on October 5th(4th girl)
Lani and Jon - Evan Joshua on October 5th (1st)
Steve and Rachel - due in November (1st)
Steve and Kari - due in November (3rd)
Josh and Becky - due in December (2nd)
Uncle Bruce & Aunt Tina - due in February (2nd)
Peter & Katie - due in March (3rd)

That's 22 babies! Wow! Praise God for the lives He has created. What a wonderful time for so many families to go from two to three and for others to be blessed with siblings already. I know that I am looking forward to meeting my little lady and I'm sure the rest of these families are just as excited for their little ones to come along. Just thought I'd say congratulations to all these couples who are expecting children! What a tremendous blessing from God! We will pray for you that everything with the rest of the pregnancies go well and that the babies would grow to know the love of their Savior! Congrats!!!

(if I inadvertantly missed anyone, accept my a comment and I'll put you on the list. I will however blame it on "pregnancy absentmindedness")
Anonymous said...

Down here, it is something in the water. At school, there were 9 babies born to faculty families all in one year. That doesn't count our second one here. 8 of those will be in the same class for sure and then the 9th could possibly be in the class above all the others. There are so many kids running around, but believe me it is nice, there is never a shortage of kids for Maddie to play with.

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