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My Redeemer Lives - Bible Study Margin drawing week 1

Monday, February 19, 2018
Hello friends, if you have found me through Heidi at I Love My Shepherd welcome!! If you're here because you normally read my posts, how's it going?! I am going to be posting some freebies for the next few weeks that correlate with a great Bible study about Resurrections going on over at so if you haven't read those I encourage you to go over there, follow along with the study and then use these freebie to help enhance and remind you of what Heidi is teaching!!

I am so excited to partner with Heidi on this Bible study. I started drawing in my Bible about two years ago. I love being able to use the creative side of my brain and connect it to the Word of God. Research shows that the more you physically write things down the better you will remember them!

I have been drawing Bible margins outside of my Bible for people to use and for a new Bible that will soon be published for over a year. Today, you can download the Bible margin that is the Theme verse for week 1. To use the margin simply print it out and place it under the page in your Bible that has the theme verse in it and trace over my drawing. Simple! Then you can color it as you wish or add to it! Make it your own!!! (just don't sell or reproduce it please) Then tell your friends about it and send them here to grab one for themselves also!

Even if you don't have a journaling Bible you could still add this margin to your Bible. You could also print it on cardstock, color it, cut it out and use it as a bookmark. Use THIS LINK to download the printable pdf file!! I would love it if you'd let me know if you downloaded this margin. Show me how you used it. You can tag me on social media too! @purejoycreative or #purejoycreative

Please do not alter, share or sell these as your own. Send people here to download their own!

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